Inside The Loam Pedals

Inside The Loam Pedals

Mmmmm. The perfect bite. Something every home chef can aspire to, and that’s what we cooked into the Loam Pedals. The Loams are an ideal trail pedal, supportive, tacky but not too tacky, and an oh-so-sexy upgrade for your ride. With mountain bike shoes growing increasingly grippy over the years, we found that typical downhill flat pedals had too much bite for our taste on most rides. That’s where the Loam Pedals come in, packed with spaceship-quality ingredients, a sleek intentional design, and just the right amount of tacky float. Built to be fully serviceable and rebuildable, they’re even likely to outlast our Lifetime Warranty. Jump into the recipe with us.


Our custom pins are designed to offer a solid grip while still allowing enough float for when you need to reposition your stance. The pins are configured in a concave pattern, which compliments the convex shape of the pedal, cradling your foot for maximum comfort and maneuverability. The Loam pedal pins were designed to interface perfectly with the dense and grippy rubber of modern MTB shoes. With the Loams you can expect a tacky-float that is perfect for resetting your foot when needed.


An extra-large platform and convex design provide ample support for your hooves. If you’re logging long days on the trail or dabbling in endurance riding this super supportive design comes in clutch. No more achy arches and tired soles after a long day of pedaling. Though intended to interface perfectly with MTB-specific shoes, the supportive platform of the Loams is also ideal for bikepacking or just riding in shoes that aren’t bike-specific. We see you out there in your Vans, and we support your fashion choices, literally.


The tapered shape of the Loam Pedals isn’t just for looking sexy, it helps deflect rocks and skate over trailside obstacles. Rounded edges deter rock strikes and keep you sailing through the sketchy bits. We’ve also found the Loam shape to be particularly friendly for e-bike riders, who are at a higher risk for rock strikes.


Pretty on the outside, extra tough on the inside. Ohhhh shiny, the 6061 alloy body packs lightweight durability, while the chromoly steel spindle offers super strength. Inside you’ll also find rugged and weatherproof sealed oversized bearings, made for the rigors of all-day and all-season rides.


Custom details like trail-specific pins, and a 5mm axle nut make the loams super user-friendly. If there’s play in your pedal spindle all you need to do is pop off the end cap, and use a handy 5mm allen key to tighten that up, then you’re good to blast off. The pins are also fully replaceable, and they’re easily threaded through the back, so if you do damage the threaded portion of the pin you can still get them out, huzzah!


These babies are built to last, the official word from our product team on the longevity of the Loam Pedals is, “I'm not sure if any Loam Pedal platforms have ever broken, the platform is extremely durable.” If you do manage to break your Loams we’d love to hear about it, and of course… as always we have your back (and your feet) covered with the PNW Lifetime Warranty.