Kyle Warner - The Great Escape Ep. 1

Kyle Warner - The Great Escape Ep. 1

We recently took a trip with PNW Squad member Kyle Warner to the famous Retallack Lodge in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. We knew heading into the trip that we would be riding some of the most renowned trails in the world, but we did not expect to be shuttling such incredible trails with Ryan St. Lawrence, one of the most inspiring human beings we have had the opportunity to meet and also the first adaptive bike rider to visit Retallack. 


Kyle took the opportunity to sit down with Ryan to conduct an interview to try to get a glimpse into the life of an adaptive rider. In the first podcast of the Great Escape series, Ryan sheds light on his recovery process, his journey back into the world of mountain biking, and how he envisions his future and the steps he has to take to get there. 

If you would like more information on Ryan's Bowhead Reach (the bike Ryan was riding on the heli-drop trail), CLICK HERE.

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You can (*should) also follow Ryan on Instagram, and while you're at it we would highly recommend checking out Ryan's custom wood crafting and wall art business, Wheelies Woodshed!  


STOLEN BIKES ALERT: Within two days of leaving Retallack, two bikes, including Ryan's converted bucket bike, were stolen off the back of his van in Calgary, Alberta. If you have any information regarding the stolen bikes, please reach out to Ryan directly via his Instagram account, or to us at