PNW Components and Handup Giveaway and Collab

PNW Components and Handup Giveaway and Collab

By now you’ve probably realized that our 5G collaboration with Handup was an April Fool’s joke. If not, sorry for the spoiler, but an industry altering product like the 5G are nowhere near ready to be released to the public. We must also deliver the unfortunate news (unfortunate if you did not enter or win) that our giveaway with Handup has officially closed. One lucky winner will be hitting the trails with a fresh cockpit and gear from the list below. As a consolation prize, check out our April Fool's video for some laughs and then keep an eye out for future giveaways.

A Lucky Rider Just Won: 

Full Cockpit from PNW Components: Range Handlebar, Loam Lever, Loam Grips

Full Riding Kit from HandUp Gloves: Gloves, Socks, Shorts, Jersey, Bandanna, Hat

Stay Connected For Future Giveaways

Didn't have a chance to enter our giveaway with Handup? Don't worry, we love getting people stoked to ride bikes so we'll have more in the future. The best way to stay connected and to have a chance to win free components is by following us on Instagram and Facebook.